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Hi Nick,
I am very interested in 1:1 computing, and I read your blog often. I am currently a Doctoral student at Loyola University Chicago. Loyola has a huge investment in the concept of leadership for social justice. Can you provide some more information about the new blog that is coming soon? Also, I am considering a doctoral thesis on the topic of 1:1 computing and social justice and equity in education. I think this is a fresh area area of study. What do you think?


Thanks for the comment and sorry for the slow response! I'll email you with more details very soon, but I did want to comment on your thesis topic. The equity issue with technology is a HUGE issue in education today. I really get passionate when talking about this issue. Our students from low-income homes are at such a disadvantage because they lack technology resources. The digital divide is getting larger, and most schools are doing nothing to close that gap.

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